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-===== Polarization working group ===== 
-The activity of the polarization working group (PWG) was restarted.  The main goal of this working group is to discuss on polarization-related research in the KASI.  The PWG has a weekly meeting where people discuss on the reduction of full polarized data from the KVN, ALMA, and JCMT and related papers.  The meeting date is every Thursday 1:30pm.  The meeting place will be announced in this wiki. 
-This page is constructed by [[wiki:dokuwiki|DokuWiki]]. 
-You may follow the [[wiki:syntax|syntax of DokuWik]] for contributing to radiowiki.  
-2017-05-11, 1:30pm, 장영실 222호 
-  *Youngjoo Yun briefly introduced the sources that have been observed using the KVN and ALMA.  
-2017-05-18, 1:30pm, 장영실 222호 
-  *Ji-hyun Kang: presented a reduction procedure of the ALMA full polarization data using CASA 
-  *Youngjoo Yun: reviewed a paper, Vlemmings, W.H.T+2017, "Magnetically aligned dust and SiO maser polarization in the envelope of the red supergiant VY CMa" 
-2017-05-25, 1:30pm, 장영실 329호 
-  *Jongsoo Kim: will review on a paper, Cortes, P.+ 2016, ApJ, 825, L15, "Interferometric Mapping of Magnetic Fields: The ALMA View of the massive star-forming clump W43-MM1" {{:polarization:20170518_polwg_cortes_2016.pdf|presentation file}} 
-  *Do-Young Byun: will present a polarization pipeline for the KVN data {{:polarization:kvn_single_dish_polarization.pdf|presentation file}} 
-2017-06-01, 1:30pm, 장영실 201호 
-  *강신철: KVN 단일경 편광 관측 결과 및 자료 분석{{:polarization:MOGABA_3C_279_sckang.pdf|presentation file}} 
-  *김미경: Analyze the Maser Polarimetry Data with the KVN{{:polarization:170601_mkkim.pdf|presentation file}} 
-2017-06-08, 1:30pm, 장영실홀 세미나실(대) 331-2호 
-  *김종수: Paper review:Nagai+ 2016,ApJ, 824, 132, "ALMA Science Verification Data: Millimeter Continuum Polarimetry of the Bright Radio Quasar 3C 286" 
-  *윤영주: paper presentation, to be announced. 
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