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KVN pipeline for maser

Last updated: 2019.11.5

Youngjoo Yun



The KVN pipeline for maser is a set of python scripts for the data reduction of the multi-frequency KVN observations toward the stellar maser sources. The KVN pipeline for maser can deal with only the single polarization observations.

Required packages


2. Obit and ParselTongue

  • Installation instructions for AIPS can be found here.
  • Installation instructions for Obit and ParselTongue can be found here.

3. Check the installed ParselTongue scripts (e.g. files in ~/local/parseltongue-2.3/bin/).

  • ~/local/parseltongue-2.3/bin/ParselTongue
  • ~/local/parseltongue-2.3/bin/ParselFileServer
  • ~/local/parseltongue-2.3/bin/ParselTongueServer
  • ~/local/parseltongue-2.3/bin/TVServer
  • Make sure Python can find the installed ParselTongue modules by checking the contents of the above files.

How to install and run

1. Extract .

  • KVN pipeline for maser consists of seven files.
    • input.txt
    • fring.input

2. Copy the each file into the proper locations as below.

  • Pipeline path (e.g. ~/pipeline)
    • ~/pipeline/
    • ~/pipeline/
  • Work path (e.g. ~/reduction/p16sc04a)
    • ~/reduction/p16sc04a/
    • ~/reduction/p16sc04a/input.txt
    • ~/reduction/p16sc04a/fring.input

3. Edit your shell environment (e.g. ~/.bashrc)

  • Add the pipeline directory to “PYTHONPATH” system environment.
  • e.g. export PYTHONPATH=“~/pipeline:$PYTHONPATH”

4. Edit input.txt and fring.input.

  • The contents of these files correspond to the setup parameters of the target observation.

5. Edit

  • Append the ParselTongue path in the first line.
  • e.g. #!~/local/parseltongue-2.3/bin/ParselTongue

6. Run script in your work path.

cd ~/reduction/p16sc04a/
chmod u+x
./ input.txt


Any questions and suggestions are welcome.


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