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-action   template test: 
-fieldset "Create Your User Page" 
-select   "What's your Home town?" "서울|부산|대구|광주|대전" @ 
-textbox  "What's your Name?" @ 
-textarea "Enter a short bio" ! 
-action pagemod _self add_sale 
-fieldset "Add your bits to the table" ! 
-number "Nr. de ordine internă automat" ++ 
-date "Data începerii melodiei" 
-select   "Supplier" "B&C|Computer Corporation|IT Vision|Compu Cable|Matrix" 
-textbox  "Our Cost (Single)" ! 
-textbox  "Quantity Ordered" ! 
-fieldset  "Your Order" 
-textbox   "Your Name" ! 
-select    "What do you want"  "Car|Blimp" ! 
-fieldset  "Car Parameters" "What do you want" "Car" 
-number    "Number of Wheels" ! 
-textbox   "Extras" ! 
-fieldset  "Blimp Parameters" "What do you want" "Blimp" 
-select    "Filling" "Helium|Hot Air" 
-number    "Size" ! 
-fieldset  "Payment"  
-yesno     "Can you pay right now?" ! 
-fieldset  "Details" "Can you pay right now?" 
-textbox   "Name" ! 
-number    "Amount" ! 
-fieldset  "" 
-yesno     "Incarci un fisier?" 
-fieldset  "" "Incarci un fisier?" 
-file "Incarca un fisier" 
-hidden "acoldesch" "={{" 
-hidden "acolinch" "=}}" 
-hidden "foldedin" "=++Upload|" 
-hidden "foldedout" "=++" 
-fieldset  "" 
-submit "Salveaza" 
-Action mail 
-Thanks "Thanks for submitting your valuable data." 
-Fieldset "A set of fields" 
-Textbox  "Employee Name" "=Your Name" 
-number "Your Age" >13 <99 
-email "Your E-Mail Address" 
-textbox "Occupation (optional)" ! 
-password "Some password" 
-fieldset "even more fields" 
-select "Please select an option" "Peaches|Apples|Oranges" 
-static "Some static text that could be an agreement" 
-yesno "Read the agreement?" 
-textarea "Tell me about your self" 
-textbox "You need to write 'agree' here" /^agree$/ 
-submit "Submit Query" 
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