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A list of potential papers to the JKAS special issue 2018

This is a tentative list of papers to be submitted to the JKAS special issue.

1. Core-blending effect for KVN observations (Algaba et al.)

2. Correlation between properties of blazar core components in iMOGABA (Hodgson et al.)

3. Modeling of polarization IDV (SS Lee et al.)

4. Polarization of 3C 84 (Kam et al.)

5. K/Q simultaneous observations of KaVA (Jung et al.)

6. Scientific results of K/Q simultaneous observations of KaVA (Zhao et al.)

7. Development of P-cal system in KVN (Je et al.)

8. Development of a recording system in KJCC (Yeom, Oh et al.)

9. Measurement of IVP of KVN radio telescopes (Yoo et al.)



Dear colleague,

it is my pleasure to announce a JKAS Special Issue dedicated to the Korean VLBI Network (KVN), the KVN and VERA 
Network (KaVA), and the East Asian VLBI Network (EAVN). We welcome all categories of work, including observation, 
theory, methodology, instrumentation, and data bases.
Please consider submitting an article. The time line is:

July 1, 2018: Deadline for submissions
October 31, 2018: Publication of the Special Issue.

Please check the JKAS web page ( for detailed information on JKAS.

We look forward to your contributions!

Yours truly,

Sascha Trippe 

JKAS Editor-in-Chief
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