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KSP Team Members

The KVN KSP is a joint project based on the contributions from the following members:


  • Juan-Carlos Algaba-Marcos (iMOGABA data reduction)
  • Sincheol Kang (MOGABA observations/data reduction)
  • Soon-Wook Kim (RRO organization, CygX-3)
  • Motoki Kino (bright AGNs)
  • Atsushi Miyazaki (iMOGABA data reduction, SgrA*)
  • Kiyoaki Wajima (iMOGABA data reduction, faint AGNs)
  • Guangyao Zhao (iMOGABA with frequency phase transfer)

Seoul National University

  • Sascha Trippe (bright AGNs)
  • Dae-Won Kim (iMOGABA data reduction)


  • Jeong-Sook Kim (iMOGABA data reduction, CygX-3)
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