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   * **[[http://​|Sang-Sung Lee(PI)]]**   * **[[http://​|Sang-Sung Lee(PI)]]**
   * **Juan-Carlos Algaba-Marcos** (iMOGABA data reduction)   * **Juan-Carlos Algaba-Marcos** (iMOGABA data reduction)
 +  * **Do-Young Byun** (MOGABA data reduction pipeline)
   * **Sincheol Kang** (MOGABA observations/​data reduction)   * **Sincheol Kang** (MOGABA observations/​data reduction)
   * **Soon-Wook Kim** (RRO organization,​ CygX-3)   * **Soon-Wook Kim** (RRO organization,​ CygX-3)
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   * **Guangyao Zhao** (iMOGABA with frequency phase transfer)   * **Guangyao Zhao** (iMOGABA with frequency phase transfer)
-**[[http://http://​​|Seoul National University]]**+**[[http://​​|Seoul National University]]**
   * **Sascha Trippe** (bright AGNs)   * **Sascha Trippe** (bright AGNs)
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