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-====== Key Science Programs ====== 
-The KVN now enters into the full fledged stage for its scientific use as a millimeter-wave VLBI array. The KVN Key Science Program (KSP) has been designed to look for unique science demonstrating the characteristics and advantages of the KVN system. The KVN KSP proposals can be submitted through the same procedure as other normal proposals, but will be selected in the special selection committee based on the following criteria: **The KSP should aim at a clear scientific goal, which may manifest the strength and power of KVN. ** The KSP is recommended to request less than 300 hours of observing time a year (for up to about 3 years), and it should not be a combination of small programs. The proposers of the KSP may be requested to present the proposal in the committee. The KSP is open to all researchers working in Korea, and the KVN team will assist fully for the success of the accepted KSP proposals. As of 2015 March, there are two KVN KPSs selected through KSP selection committee as follows: 
-|  |  [[Simultaneous Monitoring of KVN 4 Bands toward Evolved Stars]]  | 
-| {{ :ksp:imogaba-3c279-movie.gif?200 |}} |  [[ksp:ksp|Origins of Gamma-ray Flares in Active Galactic Nuclei]] | 
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