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Korea IGRINS Science Study Group

Meeting Agenda


  1. paper review (김종수)
  2. 기타 안건 및 전할 소식 나누기 등등


  1. 관측 스케쥴, 출장, 데이타 리덕션
  2. radio wiki
  3. paper review
  4. 기타등등


  1. KISS 이름, 모임 시간, 장소
  2. KISS wiki 활용에 대해 - 공개, 비공개
  3. disk modelling & literatures
  4. 관측 스케쥴, 출장, 데이타 리덕션 계획

Things to learn

Magnetospheric Accretion Model


Br gamma line

The literature (observational papers) with Br gamma line analysis and other emission/absorption lines related to disk-stellar mass accretion will be posted here.

  • Veiling

Na I

SED Modeling

SED modelling 요약

Paola D'Alessio's papers

Interpreting Spectral Energy Distributions from Young Stellar Objects (Robitaille SED fitting tool)

Isella's thesis

Useful websites

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