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Educational Materials or Lectures for Radio Astronomy

This is a wiki page for drafting a page to be uploaded in the KVN webpage ( aiming at providing (under)graduate students with useful links to Radio-Astronomy-related materials/lectures in universities/institutes. You may update this page any time until the end of September 2014.

Essential Radio Astronomy (by J. J. Condon and S. M. Ransom, NRAO) A one-semester course intended for astronomy graduate students and advanced undergraduates with backgrounds in astronomy, physics, or engineering.

Basics of Radio Astronomy (by Diane Fisher, NASA/JPL) This workbook, although applicable to all radio astronomy, was developed to support training for the Goldstone-Apple Valley Radio Telescope.

Introduction to Millimeter/Sub-Millimter Astronomy (by T. L. Wilson)

Techniques of Radio Astronomy (by T. L. Wilson) This chapter provides an overview of the techniques of radio astronomy.

Radio Astronomy Lecture (by Dale E. Gary in NJIT) The webpage for Radio Astronomy Lecture by Prof. Dale E. Gary in New Jersey's Science and Technology University.

Prof. Dr. T. Sasao drafted excellent lecture notes on radio astronomy and radio interferometry during his KVN time. These notes are constantly revised and become text books for open use. (Dedicated Links to the text books will appear here soon.)

Lectures in Universities located in Republic of Korea

Astronomy Department in University of Science and Technology (과학기술대학원대학교 천문학 전공)
  1. Radio Astronomy - 전파천문학 (Spring/Fall, Graduate course)
  2. Radio Interferometry -전파간섭계 (Fall, Graduate course, 손봉원)
  3. Active Galactic Nulcei - 활동성은하핵 (Spring, Garduate course, 손봉원)
Department of Astronomy in Yonsei University (연세대학교 천문우주학과)
  1. Radio Astronomy - 전파천문학 (학부 4학년 1학기)
Department of Astronomy and Space Science in Kyunghee University (경희대학교 우주과학과)
  1. Radio Astronomy and Astrochemistry (Spring, Undergraduate course)
  2. Radio Astronomy (Graduate course)
Astronomy Program, Department of Physics and Astronomy in Seoul National University (서울대학교 물리천문학부 천문학전공)
  1. Radio Astronomy Seminar - 전파천문학특강 (Graduate course)
  2. Introduction to Astronomical Instrumentation-천문기기개론 (Undergraduate course)
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